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Why does the practice close for staff training?

In order to provide the best service to our patients we regularly perform staff training. This allows us to stay up-to-date with advances in care as well as look at the way we work and offer services to our patients. As such from time to time we close the surgery for part of the day to allow the whole team to learn together. This does mean that during training we cannot offer any routine appointments or services and we apologise in advance for this. During this time emergency medical care is provided by NHS 111 on our behalf.

We will always advertise the time and date of this training in advance.

What is a GP Registrar?

A GP Registrar is the term for a fully qualified doctor who has chosen to undergo the advanced training needed to become a GP. As a training practice we have several GP registrars at any time and offer appointments with them alongside the other GP appointments. All of our GP Registrar appointments are also supported by one of our experienced GPs.

Most patients are happy to see GP Registrars and find that they give excellent care.

If I see a Medical Student will I still see a doctor?

Yes, you will. Medical Students are learning to be doctors but have not yet qualified and as such you will always be seen and assessed by one of our experienced GPs after seeing the Medical Student. This not only provides the best quality service for you but also gives the Medical Students the chance to see how a GP assesses and manages your situation.

We will always check before you see a Medical Student that you are happy to see them before you see the doctor.