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Owing to an increasing demand for home visits within our surgery, we have found it necessary to remind patients of our policy. Please note this has been done with guidance published for GP’s across Derbyshire by the Local Medical Committee and Derbyshire GP Taskforce.

The NHS does not provide an automatic entitlement for home visits.

The update is needed to ensure that patients are seen in the best place for their medical needs. With advances in medicine, and the equipment available in GP surgeries, the surgery is often a more appropriate place to be seen to allow more effective diagnosis of your medical problem.

We also need to consider that in the time taken for one home visit, 3 or more patients can be seen in surgery.

  • Home visits are usually only available if you are house bound or terminally ill (please see below guidance on how we would define housebound). 
  • A visit maybe be considered if you have suffered a worsening of a previous medical condition – such as an exacerbation of your previously stable lung condition that has made you bed bound.
  • It is important to note that the surgery has a wheelchair available for use by patients who struggle to walk distances.
  • Visits are not available for people purely because of a lack of transportation to the surgery.
  • Children can be most accurately assessed in surgery and given emergency treatment if required and almost never require a visit.
  • Please aim to request visits prior to 10am to allow for effective organisation of surgery time.
  • Emergency appointments are always available at short notice and may avoid an unnecessary home visit.
  • All visit requests will need to be discussed with the on call GP via a telephone call back in the first instance.
  • Please note that visiting is at the discretion of the doctor based on clinical need, and surgery attendance may be advised instead.
  • Visiting may not completed until the afternoon.
  • If you think you may need an urgent or early visit, please make this clear to the receptionist.

Housebound definition – “A patient will be deemed to be housebound when they are unable to leave their home environment through physical and/ or psychological illness, this can be a temporary or permanent position. An individual will not be eligible for a home visit if they are able to leave their own home environment on their own or with minimal assistance to visit public or social, recreational public services (including shopping). The ultimate responsibility to determine whether a patient requires a home visit rests with the assessing clinician. Patients assessed as not meeting the criteria for housebound will be expected to attend a clinic or surgery setting.”

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