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Welcome to Littlewick Medical Centre

We are a Medical Centre that proudly serves Ilkeston and the local area extending to West Hallam with our branch surgery The Dales Medical Centre.

Littlewick Medical Centre has long been established in the area since 1920 and was taken over just before the onset of World War II by Dr T E Skinner after which the practice was incorporated into the NHS. Since then our practice has moved from strength to strength now occupying the purpose built site on Nottingham Road, Ilkeston.

We focus ourselves on quick efficient service and building lasting relationships with all our patients as we believe this is vital to a modern medical centre at the heart of a vibrant community.

If you'd like to find out more about Littlewick Medical Centre in general, please find below our free downloadable booklet and latest newsletter.

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Here, at Littlewick, we are always trying to improve the service we give to our patients. We get a high demand for appointments for problems that patients feel need to be dealt with that day, Dr Abassi has been heading up a piece of work to try and improve the way we deal with these requests. It is hoped that this will free up more of our routine appointments so that if you wish to see your regular doctor, you should be able to get an appointment within a week or so.

The on call doctor will be working in a team with our highly trained and experienced nurse practitioners. If you phone to request an urgent appointment, one of the clinicians will ring you back to discuss things in a bit more detail and if necessary they will book you a face to face appointment with the most appropriate clinician to deal with your problem. If you do need a face to face appointment, the clinician may ask you to come up a few minutes earlier than your appointment to have some initial measurements or tests done, in a similar way to how the hospital works. We may be able to deal with your problem over the phone, or it may be better to pass your query on to a pharmacist or other health professional to deal with. For this system to work, the receptionist who initially answers the phone will ask the general nature of your problem, and they will be unable to book an appointment for you without this information. All our receptionists are professional and bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses.

If you are housebound and are phoning to request a home visit, these requests will also be dealt with by the same team. One of the clinicians will phone you back to discuss the nature of the problem and whether a visit from a GP is the most appropriate course of action, or if you require a district nurse or another member of the team.

To give us the best chance of these changes working to improve the availability of appointments, we are going to need some help and support from yourselves:-

Do you really need to see the doctor?– many conditions such as coughs, earache, sore throat, hay fever etc. do not need to be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner and can be treated at home with simple remedies. Your local pharmacist is a useful source of advice as are the patient.co.uk and the NHS choices websites.

Do you need a dentist?  - If you have a dental problem, we are unable to deal with it at Littlewick and you need to see your dentist. If you do not have a dentist or cannot get an appointment then phone 111 who will put you in touch with an emergency dentist in the area.

We are not a walk in centre – Please do not walk in asking to be seen there and then. We are not a walk in centre, and it is not fair on the majority of our patients who have gone through the correct channels to book an appointment if we just ‘squeeze you in’. If you have a problem that needs to be dealt with that day, the receptionist will give you an appointment time to be seen and you may have to come back later.

Plan in advance – Please do not wait until your tablets have almost run out to book a review, when the chemist tell you it is your last prescription, you will have a 1-2 month supply and plenty of time to book a routine appointment with the clinician of your choice. Also if you know you have a day off work coming up and have something you want to discuss with the doctor, phone as far ahead as you can, rather than on the morning you want to be seen. The same applies to repeat Depot Provera injections and the contraceptive pill.

Bear with us – As with any changes, there will be teething troubles to iron out that will take time. We are all trying our hardest to make the service we offer at Littlewick the best it can be, we know there will be times where things don’t go as smoothly as they should and we ask for patience if this happens.



Since 1st April 2015 we have been offering a limited number of nurse and doctor appointments each day that can be booked online via SystmOnline. If you would like to be able to do this you need to be registered with Systmonline and have received from the Practice a username and password.

The appointments will be released from around a week in advance and will then be released to book by telephone if not taken by the day of the appointment.

You will also be able to view your Summary Care Record – this allows you to see all the key details from your Electronic Health Records including; allergies, drug sensitivities, acute medication issued in the last 12 months and current and past repeat medication.

If you would like to register for SystmOnline you can collect an application form from the surgery or download an online copy using the 'Register for SystmOnline' tab on the right hand side of the website.

You MUST provide a form of photo ID for us to be able to validate your account. For more information contact the surgery on 01159 325229 and ask for Ryan.

Patients not registered with SystmOnline will still be able to cancel appointments and request prescriptions via the forms on the website.


Littlewick Patient Charter

Littlewick's February Newsletter



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